Activities that are Available in the Community Centre

 Regular Users

Pucklechurch Community Association is delighted that so many groups find the Community Centre suitable to use on a regular basis. Some of the groups use it daily, some weekly, some monthly and others only a few times a year.

Listed below are all the groups that have used the building regularly.  They all welcome new members. The Committee hope that you can find something to interest you in the list.

Bath Spa Radio Control Society (Bath Spa Rcs)

Contact : [email protected]

On the calendar this group is referred to as "Flying". They only use the hall on Sunday mornings during the winter when the weather is frequently inclement. The model planes they use are small ones especially suitable for indoors. 

Dogs Trust

Contact: [email protected]

Every Friday evening from 4:30 to 8:30.

Pucklechurch Badminton Club

Contact: [email protected]

They meet on Sunday evenings.

Pucklechurch Bowls Club

Contact: [email protected]

They meet in the hall 3 times a week, Monday evenings, Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. Besides playing socially they also play league games. Some of their members represent the county and some of the younger players have even represented England.

Pucklechurch Cricket Club

They use the field and the changing rooms for their league games and training sessions during the summer. They have several teams so do look at their website.

Pucklechurch Players Drama Club

Contact: [email protected]

They meet every Thursday evening in the meeting room. Twice a year they put on a play. Every second year they do a pantomime.

Pucklechurch Folk Club

Contact: [email protected]

They meet in the hall on alternate Tuesday evenings. They hold regular dances.

Pucklechurch Gardening Club

Contact: [email protected]

They meet seven times a year (Winter and Spring) in the hall

Pucklechruch Junior Football Club

They train on a Tuesday evening and play in a local league

 Pucklechurch Playgroup

Contact: [email protected]

They meet in the hall every morning, and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon during term time.

Pucklechurch Revel

They use the building at various time during the year to raise money for the local community.

Pucklechurch Social Club

This can be found on the upper floor of the building.The Social Club organise concerts and other events throughout the year.

Pucklechurch Sports Football Club

They use the field and the changing rooms for their league games and training sessions during the winter.

St. Thomas a Becket Church
They use the hall for their fundraising events

Up the Function

Contact: [email protected]

A band that uses the hall every week for rehearsals